Dom / House


Wiersz Marii Cepeusz. Poem by Maria Cepeusz

[Bilingual Version]

The photograph was taken in Wilno / Vilnius / ווילנע


Dom II

W domu starców
mieszkają dzieci –
same sieroty.
Są piękne, złośliwe, łakome
i ciekawe świata,
który traci szczegóły i wygładza się
w dalekowzrocznych oczach:
jest kolorową ptaszarnią
lub drogą przez nieprzebyty las.
I tu, i tam pojawia się mama,
choćby po raz kolejny
chciała zniknąć z rodzinnego pliku.
W domu starców
dzieci znów są bezzębne,
lecz przed sobą mają przyszłość:
ukołyszę je do snu,
kiedy przyjdzie ich czas.


House II

In the old people’s home
children dwell –
all orphans.
Beautiful, nasty, greedy,
and curious about the world
which loses definition and sharpness
in farsighted eyes:
It is a colorful aviary
Or a path through an impenetrable forest.
Here and there a mother appears
Even though she yearns yet again
To disappear from  the family album.
In the old people’s home
Children are toothless again,
But their future lays open:
when the time comes
I will gently rock them to sleep.

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6 responses to “Dom / House

  1. Hmm. The meaning of this runs deep, Wanda. The truth it reveals reminds me of an orphan home many kilometers away from my place. But is it really an orphan home? There are some powerful lines in the piece like:

    „Beautiful, nasty, curious about the world which loses sharpness…”

    „Children are toothless again, but their future lays open…”

    • WM

      Old people are like children. They need to be loved. Do we love them as they deserve it?

      • A very good point! And it becomes even more meaningful the older you become. Growing old is not for the fainthearted. As you grow older, life take more away than it gives: loss of friends, of career aspirations, of physical mobility. I am a baby boomer who is looking clearly into the future. We cannot rely on our children to make our decisions. We must choose to live abundantly, no matter how difficult the circumstances. There is always hope, always joy, always new possibilities. We must keep learning and moving forward. Too often, we allow the excuse of age to give us permission to be irritable and demanding! Life is too precious to be unhappy. Thank you again, my dear friend, for your wonderful blog!!! I love stopping by for a visit…

      • WM

        Thank you so much, Rebecca, for your wise comment. This poem is the act of encouragement for young people and consolation for the fainthearted. I am grateful to you for YOUR great blog. Neverending congratulation to you, Clanmother.

  2. Such a lovely double take to have the elderly compared to children. I love the once again toothless image.


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