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Mój latający dywan / My Flying Carpet

Dedicated to tkmorin and my international readers.

Shortly  after my announcement of a long break in writing my blog, I have received a new  award nomination from tkmorin, a creator of a brilliant blog on the subject of history of Canada.


What a wonderful coincidence: thank you, friend! As before, after the nomination by Stephanie and by Marcela, I haven’t had time to implement the necessary procedure required in such situation. However, I’ve decided to thank you in a different, rather unusual way.

I’m extending to you, tkmorin, a virtual invitation to Poland with a photo showing the Poland Travel Guide Polska / Poland with my favourite wooden Polish birds perching on top of the book.


I am truly happy to be a member of the blogger’s society. It means so much to me for a reason completely inconceivable to citizens of the free world. For a long time I lived in a communist state, practically without open borders. Many years ago meeting people from other lands in Poland was almost a miracle for a humble citizen, and talking to them—hard or quite impossible due to our poor knowledge of foreign languages. This has been changing slowly at first, and recently much more quickly. In spite of this change, however,  I continue to be amazed that I am able to  ‘talk’ to so many people all over the world, from each continent (excluding Antarctica), from over 60 countries , and that they are reading my blog. So this blog at is like a magic carpet from a beautiful tale. You can see a part of it below under the title A Whole New World:

Of course I am not a beautiful, young princess, but sometimes I feel like a girl flying through the skies, gazing at the following people (in the alphabetical order, with the exception of tkmorin) :


Agroekonomija from Serbia

Andrzej from Poland

Bente from Norway

Cheyenne from US

Chris from Indonesia

Elisabeth from France

Jan from Belgium

Joseph from India

Katy from Czech Republic

Martha from Italy

Marsha from US

Micheline from  Canada

Ralph from Spain

Maria and Tim from US

Marcela from US

Uzoma from Nigeria

Rebecca from Canada

Przemysław from Poland

Sigoese from Indonesia

Stephanie from US

Razca from Romania

Wendy from US

Virginia from US

Volfee from Poland …

It’s a never-ending list; I have to stop!

Once more: so long, everybody!



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Magdalenki przed Wielką Przerwą / Madeleines before a Great Break

Dear Friends,

I have received two new nominations for blogosphere awards. I’m sending my warmest greetings to the two persons who themselves have created great blogs and who recently have nominated me for lovely awards.  I would like to extend my deep gratitude to:






Unfortunately, because at the moment I am involved in several complex projects at my museum and at home, I have no time to implement nomination procedures. Instead I have decided to present a special gift to my most favourite bloggers. It is a MADELEINE .


On this photo you can see the  madeleines  I baked myself for a gathering of my Polish friends  who meet at the museum to discuss literature. Since on this particular occasion we talked about Marcel Proust I presented them with these famous little pastries, which they ate with gusto!   Some time ago I have written in this blog about madeleines, invented in the Polish king Stanislaw Leszczynski’s kitchen:

Thus a delicious MADELEINE goes to STEPHANIE and MARCELA and ALL my good FRIENDS from the  blogosphere.

So, did you get my madeleine? Can you taste  its flavour?  Enjoy.  You may sip some of Marcel Proust’s lime blossom tea as well; they go well together.

See you later, my friends. I will be very busy this summer but I will try to come back as soon as possible.

With  kind greetings,



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Wyrazić Niewyrażalne / To Express the Unexpressible

Amerykański poeta W.S. Merwin otrzymał nagrodę Zbigniewa Herberta.

Wręczono ją uroczyście, wraz z czekiem na 50 tysięcy dolarów,  3 czerwca 2013 roku w Teatrze Polskim w Warszawie.


American poet William  Stanley  Merwin has been awarded the international Zbigniew Herbert Prize (dedicated to the memory of the late Polish writer. Merwin is its first recipient).

The award was presented, along with a check for $50,000, during a ceremony on June 3, 2013, at the Teatr Polski (Polish Theatre) in Warsaw, Poland.

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Miasto bez imienia / City Without A Name / Miestas be vardo


Miasto z wiersza Czesława Miłosza to Wilno na Litwie, królestwo urodzenia mojej matki.

A town from Czeslaw Milosz’s poem is Vilnius,  Lithuania, my mother’s Native Realm.


Cytuję tylko jeden wers z tego utworu po polsku, po angielsku i  po litewsku w tłumaczeniu Tomasa Venclovy.

I am citing only one verse from this poem in Polish, English, and Lithuanian in translation by Tomas Venclova.


On mówi wszystko o Wilnie / Vilnius.

It says everything about Wilno / Vilnius.


Tutaj nie ma wcześniej i nie ma później, wszystkie pory dnia i roku trwają równocześnie.

Here there is no earlier and no later; the seasons of the year and of the day are simultaneous.

Nebėra čia anksčiau nei vėliau, visi dienos ir metų laikai vienu metu traukias.


To jest Miłosza Rozprawa o czasie.

It is Milosz Treatise on Time.

wilno7 wilno2 wilno4 wilno5DETAL KATEDRY  wilno wilno8wilno9

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Lepsze niż najlepszy wiersz / Better Than the Best Poem

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Radość o poranku / Joy in the Morning

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Wehikuł czasu / A Time Travel Vehicle


Jadę do Poznania, miejsca urodzenia.

I am going to my native town Poznań.


Godne uwagi są secesyjne kamienice z końca XIX wieku w mojej rodzinne dzielnicy Jeżyce. Tutaj się urodziłam.

Noteworthy are Poznań’s  late-19th-century tenement houses in the Jeżyce district which represent a showcase of Poznań’s Secessionist architecture. I was born here.

Ciąg dalszy nastąpi.

To be continued.

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