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What am I writing?




has asked me – on behalf of her friend Elane – what I have been writing.  I will try to answer this question.

I am still working on the history of Poles, in particular of a social group which has been involved in the struggle for freedom (in metaphorical sense as well). I seek to describe their activities for common good.

My main purpose is to create fiction, but I also write essays, paragraphs on the net, as well as little theatre plays and poems.
I have written the following texts (some of them performed in our humble museum’s theatre):

1.      Where are you, fairy? (A children’s book about being scared and how to avoid it);

2.      Good Heavens!  (A novel about trauma, escaping it and recovering from it. The action takes place in various spots in many different countries from ancient times to present days and sometimes in the future as well;

Wielkie nieba! /Good Heavens!                                                                                                                                                                                Pinxit Jan Michalak

3.      Caucasian Rug (Screenplay for a short documentary  movie with fictional elements about people in exile);

4.      Jingle Bells and Bells in the Winter Time (about three poets: Brodsky, Venclova and Miłosz);

5.      A Talk between a poet and a boy (a short theatre play about Zbigniew Herbert);

6.      Hold your head high, my little son (second short  play about Herbert);

7.      Winter in Majorca (a theatre play about the composer Frederic Chopin and the writer George Sand);

8.      Tunnel (a play about traveling and dying in the life of the writer Maria Kuncewicz);

9.       Tiddlywinks (a play about the adventures of the brave and merry Jerzy Kuncewicz)

10.  123 Women from Triangle Shirtwaists Company (short theatre play about the origins of Women’s Day);

11.   Hand Puppets and Herbs (collection of poems);
I also have started to work on a novel  Death in Estepona  (about a person from a former communist country who wants to die  in the ancient city of Estepona).


That’s all!

Special greetings to Elane.

Best wishes!


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