Once a year on August 1st Warsaw’s residents pay homage to the fallen heroes who fought for freedom in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. The largest rebellion against German Nazi occupation during WW II, it cost over 200 000 lives and destruction of the capital.

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13 responses to “THERE IS A CITY

  1. Thank you for sharing! A wonderful moment, a tribute to humanity’s courage to withstand tyranny.

  2. A very brave city. What destruction-how can humans do this to each other. Certainly a most important moment to remember.

  3. Oh… that gave me chills as I was watching the city honoring its history. The music certainly swept us into the somber silence. So profound! Thank you for sharing this moment of memory with us , Wanda.

    • WM

      Hello, Cheyenne! Nice to meet you again! You are always notice and comment my posts on the most important Polish days. Thank you so much, dear friend.

  4. Wow! How wonderful to see an entire city stand together for something they believe in. That gave me chills yet warmed my heart.


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