What can you see in the picture  at the top of my site? In this picture you can see University of Warsaw Library!

Location: Warsaw (Poland)
Architects: Marek Budzyński and Zbigniew Badowski

My kind greetings from Poland!

OKIENKOkatalogiHINC OMNIA                                                                                                                            Fot. Księgi:  P. Kania

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22 responses to “TO STUDY AND RELAX…

  1. my secret love for you

    wow!! Very nice, thanks for sharing

  2. Byłaś w Warszawie? Szkoda, że przegapiłam. 😦 A bibliotekę pamiętam (Jeżu jak to brzmi) z czasów studiów. Własnych, rzecz jasna

    • WM

      Do Warszawy jadę 2 godziny, raczej pociągiem, bo można czytać. (Co prawda w aucie można słuchać e-book’a!). Ta biblioteka jest niesamowita. Żeby było śmieszniej, w podziemiach jest klub Hulakula dla dzieciaków. Cudne miejsce!

      • Tak, też mnie to ździwiło. Choć biblioteka nie taka zasobna jakby się wydawało, ale robi wrażenie. Mogłam obserwować jak kręcą spot do akcji „nie czytasz coś tam”, zwiedziła mnie też ilość wycieczek. Swojego czasu spędzałam tam całe dnie.

      • WM

        Osobną kwestią jest Pomnik Czterech Filozofów na kolumnach. Bardzo ciekawe postacie, o których muszę napisać, kiedy tylko zrobię to, co teraz najpilniejsze. Twardowski, Łukasiewicz, Leśniewski, Tarski… Hinc omnia.

  3. Lovely!!! I was so excited to see your post! I have missed you! Happy summer!!

    • WM

      I miss you too, Rebecca! I’ll come back in the middle of the autumn. Today I have had to give an interpretation of an image at the top of my site 🙂 Even few of my close friends didn’t know what can we see in this picture.

  4. Faktycznie piekna, ale zawsze bede bronic bibliteki Jagiellonskiej w ktorej spedzilam tyle czasu…
    I drugiej, ktora oczywiscie jak zwykle wyszla mi z glowy 😀 to juz tyle lat po studiach…
    Pozdrowienia, Pani Wando, mam nadzieje ze spedza Pani mile i spokojne lato

    • WM

      Dzień dobry, Pani Elżbieto,
      lato moje, jak i inne pory roku, bywa niespokojne, ale obfituje w ciekawe wydarzenia… Odpoczne dopiero w sierpniu, a potem pozna jesienia. Pozdrawiam!

  5. Wanda! It’s so good to see you. Missed you a whole lot. These pics are beautiful. My dream of coming to Poland someday keeps getting stronger.

  6. Beautiful! That library looks like a wonderful place to hang out and read and study! 🙂 Thanks Wanda! 🙂

    • WM

      I love libraries, Marsha. In this University of Warsaw Library we can see an enormous stony book with a latin inscription: HINC OMNIA / FROM HERE—ALL. (I have pasted it in my post). It’s a beautiful motto of every library. Best wishes to you, Marsha. If I finish my urgent activities, I’ll come back here! 🙂

  7. What a wonderful place Wanda, and such treasures within. Ptolomy, Durer… I’m suprosed the Nazis didn’t steal everyting in WWII, (or maybe they tried but the univeristy and librarians hid the treasures in time?). 🙂 Libraries are among the most beautiful and important places in the world, so I’m glad to have seen this lovely exemple. I love the architecture, and the roof garden. Here, in case you like it, is a mid 18th centry „fosil” library from here in Dublin you might like, nothing has been moved or changed since the first collection was installed! Knowing your love of learning and literature, thought you might enjoy…
    very best regards- Arran.

    • WM

      Hi, Arran; thank you for being here!
      University of Warsaw Library is fantastic place indeed. In general libraries are great and… transcendent. I have to say you I like very much Trinity College Library. It may also just be the most beautiful library in the world, leastways one of the beautifulest.
      Yes, you are right: in spite of cruel history of Poland we have many valuable monuments. Admittedly Polish cultural and historical heritage was looted and destroyed during WWII by the occupying powers of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia but a lot of Polish curators and the great number of others citizens risked their life rescuing many objects of priceless art. Likely, they were often successful.
      Thank you for link with quite apt title „Gifts of the mind”. Thank you for this GIFT with portrait of Herodotus as well.
      By the way: I am preparing a lecture on Seamus Heaney now. An outstanding poet, great Friend of Poland.

      • The pleasure is all mine Wanda. Very nice to see you again. 🙂 Yes, I forgot, albeit momentarily, that Poland, and her treasures, were raided from 2 directions, east as well as west. Very happy to get clarification, so gently and kindly set right.
        Delighted also you visited my little „Gifts of the mind piece” I thought it might interest you but thank you for taking the time to visit when you’re busy with work and your lecture. Speaking of which, i’m sure you audience will love your Heaney lecture, best wishes with that.
        I have to admit, when I had the priveledge of meeting him once, I was a bit „star struck” So all I could do was look awkward, and utter some mindless banality, 😦 But even then, he managed to be very kind and reassuring, and put me at my ease. He really was a very, very decent man, as well as a great poet and scholar. I’m not suprised he was a good friend to Poland, and nor am I surprised he had many warm relationships with the Polish people and inteligensia.
        Anyway, very nice to see you again, and best of luck with your lectures and with all of your worrk.
        best regards from Dublin- Arran.

      • WM

        Thank you very much for all your kind words towards my country, Arran. I have to say that I am a friend of Ireland not only for having so high culture inter alia many great writers as Heaney, Beckett, Yeats, Joyce, Lewis et caetera but also for so friendly people and natural beauty. I like your music as well (including a humble “Danny Boy”). And I have no words to express my admiration for Heaney’s poetry! He is the best. So long, Arran.


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