Mój latający dywan / My Flying Carpet

Dedicated to tkmorin and my international readers.

Shortly  after my announcement of a long break in writing my blog, I have received a new  award nomination from tkmorin, a creator of a brilliant blog on the subject of history of Canada.


What a wonderful coincidence: thank you, friend! As before, after the nomination by Stephanie and by Marcela, I haven’t had time to implement the necessary procedure required in such situation. However, I’ve decided to thank you in a different, rather unusual way.

I’m extending to you, tkmorin, a virtual invitation to Poland with a photo showing the Poland Travel Guide Polska / Poland with my favourite wooden Polish birds perching on top of the book.


I am truly happy to be a member of the blogger’s society. It means so much to me for a reason completely inconceivable to citizens of the free world. For a long time I lived in a communist state, practically without open borders. Many years ago meeting people from other lands in Poland was almost a miracle for a humble citizen, and talking to them—hard or quite impossible due to our poor knowledge of foreign languages. This has been changing slowly at first, and recently much more quickly. In spite of this change, however,  I continue to be amazed that I am able to  ‘talk’ to so many people all over the world, from each continent (excluding Antarctica), from over 60 countries , and that they are reading my blog. So this blog at wordpress.com is like a magic carpet from a beautiful tale. You can see a part of it below under the title A Whole New World:

Of course I am not a beautiful, young princess, but sometimes I feel like a girl flying through the skies, gazing at the following people (in the alphabetical order, with the exception of tkmorin) :


Agroekonomija from Serbia

Andrzej from Poland

Bente from Norway

Cheyenne from US

Chris from Indonesia

Elisabeth from France

Jan from Belgium

Joseph from India

Katy from Czech Republic

Martha from Italy

Marsha from US

Micheline from  Canada

Ralph from Spain

Maria and Tim from US

Marcela from US

Uzoma from Nigeria

Rebecca from Canada

Przemysław from Poland

Sigoese from Indonesia

Stephanie from US

Razca from Romania

Wendy from US

Virginia from US

Volfee from Poland …

It’s a never-ending list; I have to stop!

Once more: so long, everybody!


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22 responses to “Mój latający dywan / My Flying Carpet

  1. Congratulations once again, Wanda, and well deserved! I, too, marvel at our ability to light each other up with expressions of friendship and hail fellow well met encouragements. Enjoy your productively busy time. I can also feel the winds of change blowing in upon me with the approach of midsummer’s eve… Wonders never cease!

    • WM

      You have sent me lovely words, Cheyenne, as usual, thank you! I wish you happy and merry holidays as well. As an gift I am sending you a part of poetic letter by Polish poet Cyprian Norwid: „[…] From this world two things only will remain, / Two only : poetry and goodness … and nothing more.”

  2. I am touched by your kind words. Just reminds me that I chose well when I nominated you! I am also amazed at how global the communication is today. And I am proud of knowing such a kind friend! Again, thank you. 🙂

  3. WM

    The pleasure is all mine, friend! You made me an enthusiast of Canadian history—thank YOU 🙂

  4. Gratuluje Pani Wando i serdecznie dziekuje za pamiec…

  5. Congratulations, my dear friend! I am celebrating our connection on the blogger miles!!! All the best over the summer..

  6. I completely agree with you that it is fantastic to read and be read by people from all over the world. What a great treasure my computer is these days.

    • WM

      Your great blog, Gypsy Bev, takes us all over the world! Thank you. It is fantastic. Looking forward for more in few weeks. So long, friend.

  7. Thank you so much my friend for such a sweet mention. Another lovely post Wanda. Ralph xox 😀

  8. Then the Prince spread out his coat of patches,
    and the King shouted enraptured:
    O, never, I never saw a town more beautiful!

    —A Flemish fairy tale

  9. Wanda, It is an honor to be your blogging friend. You have enriched my life immensely. I think you are right, though, that tose of us in the free world do not realize what we have in our freedom of expression. I am grateful for it, and for friendships that are growing all over the world. Thank you for the mention, too. Great blessings on you, my friend -introduced through Ralph’s blog, by the way. 🙂

    • WM

      Marsha, you are really fantastic friend. I am grateful for so many lovely comments. I admire your energy, power and cheerfulness. You are the picture of freedom and empathy 🙂 I love your photos from a family album have been sharing on your blog. One of your portraits, this one with grandmother’s shoes, is unforgettable!

  10. Virginia Duran

    I get the same feeling about getting to know so many people from other countries. Blogging has opened my mind and has brought me countless friends all over the globe. I never asked you but is Wanda your name? By the way I showed your famous post to friends and family, most of them architects and we all agree Poznań is a magical city. Also, are you taking a break from blogging? Why?
    Best wishes 🙂

    • WM

      Good morning, Virginia!
      Yes, my name is Wanda. This was the name of the daughter of King Krak, Polish city Kraków’s mythical founder. This queen is a hero of old Polish legend about „Wanda who did not want to marry a German”.
      Thank you very much for your nice comment. I agree with you and with your friends involved in such noble activity as architecture is. Yes, Poznan is magical city but we have to rememeber about its postwar destruction and devastation which made this place a little bit horrifying. Now Poznan is changing for the better. In my report I’ve shown only my native district Jezyce, passed over most beautiful streets, for example Matejki St. in Saint Lazarus district with an old Greenhouse (Palmenhaus) and many most extraordinary houses represented pure Secession (Art Nouveau/Jugenstil).
      This summer I must suspend my blogging activities due to taking up quite new duties. I’ll back with new ideas! My kind greetings. So long, Virginia.


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