Uciec i powrócić / To Flee and To Come Back

Dedicated to Virginia who has shown interest in my native city  (Poznan, Poland)


To piękne i dziwne miasto / A beautiful and strange town

Częściowo zniszczone / Partially devastated

Stopniowo odnawiane / Gradually restored

Bałam się go jako dziecko / Daunting when I was a child

Teraz się nim cieszę / Now much enjoyed

Często je odwiedzam / I often visit it

Czasem ono odwiedza mnie we snach /

Sometimes it visits me in my dreams

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27 responses to “Uciec i powrócić / To Flee and To Come Back

  1. So much history stored within the walls of your native city, Wanda. Difficult for us in the „New World” to fully comprehend. I imagine that it does claim you as a descendant in your dreams.

  2. I remember the first time our family traveled to Europe. My son, who was 12, told a museum curator that a chair on display was older than our Canada as a nation (1867). But there were others that were in Canada before us, he said proudly. World history is extraordinary. Thank you for sharing the story of your beloved city.

    • WM

      Good morning, Rebecca! Thank you for being here. Poznan as a city was legally established in 1253 but in a legend is known as a place of Poland’s birthday. Thank you for sharing your son’s two perspicacious remarks on the history of Canada.

  3. Virginia Duran

    Niesamowite! (I had to translate that)! I couldn’t have enjoyed more this post. Poznan looks so rich in architecture, your pictures reflected history, culture and dreams as you said. I loved the details such as the windows, Art Nouveu style vs. Baroque. I feel very curious about this city now. I’d really like to continue reading about Poznan, about its history, about its buildings and about its people. Maybe will come to discover it by myself, never been to Poland. Thanks so much for such a wonderful post. I feel very honoured by your dedication 🙂

    • WM

      Good morning, Virginia! The pleasure is all mine. In this humble way I want you to pay back for your fascinating blog about architecture. Poland is worth to see indeed but sometimes a hard for international travellers. I think about a bad state of the roads and railway. Poznań is important for me but Krakow and Gdansk are the most beautiful! My kind greetings, Virginia!

    • WM

      Hello, Virginia! I’m Okay. This house made from concrete is really beautiful. I’ll try to find it, thank you! Poznan is full of contrasts… My kind greetings a well.

  4. Majestic buildings! Wanda, I bet I’ll faint and rise, faint and rise at the sight of the historical beauties and edifices all around you. Thanks for sharing this.

    • WM

      Thank you, Uzoma on behalf of my navite city! It is a literary city as well but it’s a subject of quite another post. And what about your native realm? Is it really realm? Does it exist in your literature? It’s a theme always worth to udertake, Uzoma, you know it. May be you have described it ealier. My best wishes, W.

  5. Poznań will be hosting the 14th Triennial Colloquium
    of the Société Internationale pour l’étude du Théâtre Médiéval
    22nd – 27th July 2013

    • WM

      I had no idea! This Colloquium is organized by ‚my’ Adam Mickiewicz University. Collegium Iuridicum seen on photo number 4. is a part of it .

  6. You live in a lovely city Wanda. Thanks for showing it 😀 Ralph xox 😀

    • WM

      You have lost „d”, Ralph 🙂 Ought to be: „you l i v e d in a lovely city Wanda” 🙂

    • WM

      Just a little misunderstanding, my dear friend Ralph! I’ve left my native Poznań many years ago and now a live in a little town Kazimierz Dolny under river Vistula. See below! 🙂

      • Hi Wanda 😀 I am so sorry that I have been so long in replying to your comment. I have watched the video and have found that you live in a really lovely town. I enjoyed watching it. 😀

        I little bit of YouTube code on comment help for you. Instead of putting that long code you can actually put the YouTube video in your comment.

        Find the YouTube video you want to insert into your comment. Click „Share”. Right click on the blue writing and paste that into your comment. Done. Simple 😀 This is your video.

        You can check this by left clicking „EDIT” on this reply. A page will open and you will see the short code.

        Happy Friday !! Ralph xox 😀

      • I should have added „copy” to „Find the YouTube video you want to insert into your comment. Click “Share”. Right click on the blue writing and paste that into your comment. ”

        It should read:
        „Find the YouTube video you want to insert into your comment. Click “Share”. Right click on the blue writing „copy” and paste that into your comment.

    • WM

      Good morning, Ralph, my favourite teacher! Thank you for your useful advice. And don’t cry for me, Ralph 😀 I’ll come back to blogging
      soon with full impetus 😀

  7. Dzieki Pani Wando za obiecane zdjecia, mam nadzieje ze pobyt byl udany

  8. Beautiful video, gorgeous pictures, and wonderful poem. Statistics say that a person spends 30 seconds on a blog. I’ve spent over 5 minutes just watching the video, and am so much richer for it. Wanda, my friend, one addition you might make is to include a map when you talk about cities, for those of us who are geography challenged. It saves a trip to Google Maps. I love your site, and would rather stay here for another minute or two examining your map rather than clicking away from here! 🙂 Marsha Lee 🙂

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