Pamiętam / I Remember

Assassination Attempt

13 maja 1981, to dzień który na zawsze wrył się w moją pamięć.

May 13, 1981, was a day that will forever be etched into my memory.

Papal Assassination Attempt

Usiłowanie zabójstwa papieża, Jana Pawła II!

Assassination Attempt on Pope John Paul II!

Papież umarł 2 kwietnia 2005 roku w wieku 84 lat.

He has died April 02, 2005, at the age of 84 .


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5 responses to “Pamiętam / I Remember

  1. The news of his attempted assassination shook the world. I remember that my parents made us say the rosary fervently that week. They were livid yet hopeful that Pope John Paul would survive. And he did until his natural death came. We still have pictures of him in our family house.

    • WM

      It brings me great joy to hear those words, Uzoma. You were with us the entire time.
      May 13, 1981 was one of the hardest days of my life. Poles gather across the country to pray. The massive bell ‚Zygmunt’ of the royal cathedral in Krakow and the thousands Polish bells had tolled.
      At last Prof. Carlo Castiglione said: ‚The Pontiff Will Recover’…

  2. What a piece of history you give us. I feel like I was right there feeling the horror of it.


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