National 3rd of May Holiday in Warsaw

Below: a scene from Andrzej Wajda’s Pan Tadeusz an adaptation of Adam Mickiewicz’s 19th-century epic poem.

Original music composed by  Wojciech Kilar, composer and pianist, author of orchestral music, chamber vocal-instrumental and piano compositions, and scores for the theatre and cinema.

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21 responses to “National 3rd of May Holiday in Warsaw

  1. I love pageantry and music!!!

    • WM

      Pageantry! A new word in my English vocabulary, thank you Rebecca! A short information about music: men of Warsaw are dancing „polonez” (fr.polonaise, eng. Polish) a national Polish processional dance full of dignity and joy.

      • WM

        A have forgotten to inform about this music’s composer. His name is Wojciech Kilar. I have just published a scene from a popular Polish movie. This „polonez” was created for it.

  2. The music is sensational. A lovely performance I’d say.

    • WM

      Uzoma, I agree with you: the music is sensational. By the way: do you know that a Member of the Polish Parliament is Hon. J. A. Godson from Nigeria?

  3. What beautiful dances with exquisite costumes. Thank you Wanda. xox 😀

  4. Uwielbiam poloneza, jako mloda dziewczyna tanczylam w zespole i mialam piekna blado ruzowa suknie. Dzieki, Pani Wando za te video i wspmnienia.
    Pozdrawiam sedecznie

  5. Lovely videos, Wanda. People obviously find great need and pleasure in dancing with grace. So few opportunities aside from these historical celebrations.

  6. Swirling dancers bring
    Remembrances of times past
    Grateful tears of joy

    A haiku I wrote while thinking of these videos.

  7. I used to see films from Andrzej Wajda, before, in my film days. He was one of our heroes.

    • WM

      Good day, friend! Wajda is great indeed! I have publish here one of his most excellent movie scene: the dancers of joyful Polish dance in beautiful native realm are sitting at a humble flat in Paris as the aged emigrants in helpless situation without homeland and hope.
      Thank you for being here!


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