Wehikuł czasu / A Time Travel Vehicle


Jadę do Poznania, miejsca urodzenia.

I am going to my native town Poznań.


Godne uwagi są secesyjne kamienice z końca XIX wieku w mojej rodzinne dzielnicy Jeżyce. Tutaj się urodziłam.

Noteworthy are Poznań’s  late-19th-century tenement houses in the Jeżyce district which represent a showcase of Poznań’s Secessionist architecture. I was born here.

Ciąg dalszy nastąpi.

To be continued.

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14 responses to “Wehikuł czasu / A Time Travel Vehicle

  1. Nie znam Poznania, ale kamienice sa piekne. Milego powrotu do zrodel, Pani Wando

  2. I learn so much from reading your blog, and the pictures are wonderful.

  3. Lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful birthplace.

  4. ciao! quite special to share your journey to your native town.

    • WM

      Hi thebestdressup! Accorfing to Lonely Planet my native town not only offers many historical attractions”… We can describe it as an energetic city as well: „If you arrive in Poznań any evening and stroll into its central market square, you’ll receive an instant introduction to the characteristic energy of Wielkopolska’s capital. The city’s Old Town district is buzzing at any time of the day, and positively jumping by night, full of people heading to its many restaurants, pubs and clubs. The combination of international business travellers attending its numerous trade fairs and the city’s huge student population has created a distinctive vibe quite independent of tourism”.

  5. Virginia Duran

    Love this city’s architecture. The facade image is amazing!


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