Stół wielkanocny w Polsce / An Easter Table in Poland


In Poland many people prepare a traditional  basket  with samples of food eaten at Easter, such as sausage, white cheese, horseradish, various herbs, salt, oil, yeast cake, as well a small lamb – representing  the Paschal Lamb – made of sugar, chocolate or butter, and hard boiled eggs, symbol of rebirth,  dyed in many bright colors and often decorated.  On  Holy Saturday they take this basket to their local church to be blessed by the priest. This custom is a very important part of the Holy Week.

As a citizen of Kazimierz /Kuzmir/ I  know that  the Jewish high holiday of Passover  is  also celebrated  in the spring and sometimes coincides with the catholic Lent and Easter.  Based on the Jewish calendar, the date of Passover changes from year to year.

March 30, 2013: Holy Saturday – Vigil in the Holy Night of Easter during which Christians commemorate the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ and prepare for His Resurrection


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14 responses to “Stół wielkanocny w Polsce / An Easter Table in Poland

  1. Wow what a tasty delicacy. Happy Easter in adv.

  2. WM

    Good evening, Uzoma! What a pity , you are so far away from our town … We love Easter guests.

  3. Yes, a feast for the eye. Happy Easter.

  4. Beautiful and delicious! Happy Easter Wanda!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. Wesołych Świąt!
    Choć można się pomylić jakie to Święta 😉

  6. It looks as a great celebration!

  7. Juz po swietach, ale tak bym chciala tego naszego cukrowego baranka


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