… Two gods, two suns ….

  Juliusz Slowacki (left) and Adam Mickiewicz

21th March: Today is World Poetry Day!

On the occasion of this event I  am honored,  my international readers, to introduce to you  the greatest Polish poets: Adam Mickiewicz (1798-1855) and Juliusz Slowacki (1809-1849). Although a deep conflict about the nature of their poetic and patriotic missions existed between them, Slowacki  has characterized them in Beniowski as „[…] two gods, each equal on his sun […]”

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14 responses to “… Two gods, two suns ….

  1. Wanda, it would have been very interesting to sit in on one of their „discussions”…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • WM

      Good morning, Wendy!

      These „discussions” were strange and tumultuous but Mickiewicz and Slowacki shaped our nation’s thinking and language. Slowacki was a literary fortune teller as well. Read a part of his poem titled OUR SLAVIC POPE written in 1848. In 130 years, in 1978, John Paul II was chosen. (English translation by Noel Clark.)

      God’s bell the Conclave’s petty strife has stilled :
      Its mighty tone
      Brings news of Slavic hope fulfilled –
      The Papal Throne ! […]

      Best wishes to you, Wendy,

  2. Oh my! This men are icons! Wish I’d the chance to listen to them.

    • WM

      Hi, Uzoma! Thank you for being here.

      Chinua Achebe, Nigerian writer, has died yesterday. R.I.P.
      Tell us what do you think about his books?

      • May his soul rest in perfect peace. He’s one of our literary greats. I read his book „Things Fall Apart” (which has now being translated in over 150 different languages) while I was still in school. He won so many awards and was an activist who spoke out fearlessly about the many ills in my country. Will try to make a proper tribute to him in the coming days.

  3. A gdzie Norwid ? Moim zdaniem to jest najwiekszy poeta…

  4. Mickiewicza utrzymywały kobiety…


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