Krótka przerwa / A short break

To jest Felusia.

Felusia nie lubi komputerów …

Idziemy na spacer!


Her name is Felusia.

Felusia doesn’t like computers …

We are going for a walk!


Na razie / so long / à bientôt!



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21 responses to “Krótka przerwa / A short break

  1. Felush is very intelligent. I think that I will go for a walk too, even though it is raining in Vancouver!!!

  2. A cat from the neighborhood is visiting my garden sometimes, looking for some company. And it has even been sculptured by freezing water drops. Look up for „kot lodogłów” in my last post, a resume of three winter months and their achievements.

  3. She is beautiful. And I guess she like really looong walks…

  4. WM

    Yes, she does! I don’t like walking all the day long but I have to stroll. I will do my best for Felusia🙂

  5. Feluisia jest sliczna i ma racje, nie ma to jak natura…

  6. Słodka. I nie głupia!!!

  7. No jak można tak pięknego pieska wstawiać na bloga?!
    Felusia jest przecudna🙂

  8. ciao! tender…

  9. My dog doesn’t like me tied to my computer either! She loves to walk!

    • WM

      The Language of Animals” by Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592) : „[…] When I play with my cat, who knows whether I do not make her more sport than she makes me? We mutually divert one another with our play. If I have my hour to begin or to refuse, she also has hers.”🙂


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