Kapliczki … / Roadside shrines

Kapliczki / Roadeside Shrines

…spotyka się na polskich drogach.  Zobaczysz tu więcej budynków, przypominających świątynki, a także posągów i krzyży, niż się spodziewasz.

are found along country roads in Poland. One can see more buildings resembling small chapels, statues of saints and crosses than one would expect.


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12 responses to “Kapliczki … / Roadside shrines

  1. And each of them is different

  2. WM

    I’m of the same opinion …

  3. Piękne sa te przydrożne świątki. Też zawsze je fotografuję.

  4. Ja tez fotografuje, uwielbiam, zwlaszcza kapliczki Matki Boskiej

  5. ah, this is a very nice subject, and it brought a smile for me, because of course we have quite a lot of these types of shrines in Ireland too, especially Marion shrines. Sometimes, these are traditionally built/placed in a sort of built rocky landscape, in which case they are called Grotto, as perhaps I am sure they are in Poland too (?). Its a nice subject, I’m not a believer myself but I like tradition and continuity, and hope we don’t lose all our traditions to modernity and „progress”. Lovely post WM, and thank you also for all your visits and kind comments on my own little blog, – they are always deeply appreciated. AQH.

    • WM

      Good evening, Arran. Poland are preserving a religious tradition in spite of persecution during the communist regime. A lot of young people belive in God here. There are many atheists as well in our country but they are in the minority. I think that the spirit of tolerance for other confessions and atheism is typical for Poland and has a long history. I have written about it here. We have Grottos as well and the other forms of a folksy religiosity but we respect our erudites too, for example father Michał Heller, a Polish priest-cosmologist, prestigious Templeton Prize winner.
      Best wishes to you Arran. Thank you for being here, Wanda.


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