Wielcy Polacy / Great Poles

Paderewski gra Chopina / Paderewski plays Chopin


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12 responses to “Wielcy Polacy / Great Poles

  1. Ależ biła z niego dostojność… wielka postać! Pozdrawiam
    PS. Paderewski bez wątpienia zaprosiłbym do mnie na grilla!
    PPS. Paderewski jakby żył, to by pił.

  2. WM

    Panie Grabku! Dziękuję za wizytę.
    Myślę, że gdyby pił :-), to nie byłby Mistrzem…

    • WM

      Beautiful hall, Cheyenne, indeed! I was looking for its name and location and I realized that this concert hall was constructed at a film studio in London for „Moonlight Sonata” movie set in 1937! Nevertheless this construction became very important in contemporary architecture! Ignacy Jan Paderewski, famous Polish concert pianist and politician, starred as himself in this film. More information about this unusual man I am going to publish next week.

  3. Wow! He is amazing! It’s even more amazing considering his age, and the normal process or aging that occurs. Thanks for sharing!!! I found you through Ralph’s link.

    • WM

      So welcome to my blog, Marsha! I agree: Paderewski was amazing as an artist, as Polish patriot and politician as well. I will write about him next week. I am going to folllow your interesting blog.

  4. Like it! Both the old pictures, and old sound.

  5. A great composer in his own right, he was clearly and amazing musician. Enjoyed the post.


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