I am very glad to be read in nearly 40 countries. I would like to introduce myself and tell what I do.
I live in Kazimierz Dolny, a small town on the Vistula River in Poland. The town is often called a „provincial center of high culture.” My co-workers and I feel compelled to meet such challenge at the museum which I direct. These pictures illustrate some of our activities :

[Photos by WM, K. Oleksiewicz, M. Wawerski]


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  1. elonele

    This is superb ans so peaceful ! Thanks for sharing.

  2. WM

    Thank you for being here, Elonele. See you later here and on your own blog.

  3. What a wonderful photo stream. I felt I was there with you and could almost hear the children laughing and the music playing in the background. And now I know where the Kuncewiczowa family lived. But I don’t know which one of the people is you!!! Now I am very curious….

  4. WM

    This secret will be revealed very soon!Thank you so much, Clanmother! Your words are always nice and politely.

  5. A beautiful slide show, WM. This is so inviting I wish I was there. But I am also curious if you in one of those pics.

  6. Nur Kasih Mokhtar

    Oh dear, how I wish I could understand all that is inside this awesome blog…
    my warm regards from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  7. WM

    Thank once more for being here, Nur Kasih Mokhtar. I hope that we will keep in touch.

  8. A beautiful and richly appreciated museum. Well done! Also, looks like a place that would be abundant with orbs.

  9. WM

    Thank you very much for your nice words. There are so many orbs here, of course. 🙂 Best wishes from Poland.

  10. What a beautiful slide show indeed WM, I agree with your first commenter there, and what a fantastic range of culture and learning you organize and host, theatre, film, poetry, music, everything really. The house/museum and the gardens look wonderful. Hope I get a chance to come and visit one day. Thank you so much for your visits to my little blog and your very kind remarks, I am most chuffed and extremely flattered. My very best respects, and regards from Dublin. – Arran (Henderson)

    • WM

      We shall be pleased if you be able to come here, Arran. My fellow workers and me are waiting for you! Thank you so much for your nice opinion about our activities. Strengthening culture, strengthening identity and solidarity.

  11. Wanda,
    May I add an important info on Kazimierz, it is situated on the biggest Polish river Vistula, and you can make a boat trip on it:

    • WM

      Thank you so much! It is really an important info. A big post about The Little Poland Vistula Gorge is forthcoming! Thank You too shared a link.

  12. I am so happy to have found your international site. I recognize the logo and somehow must have first gone to your Polish site. I have lineage that goes back to Poland on my mother’s side. Not sure where but it would have been around the turn of the twentieth century. I’m happy to meet you here and look forward to reading more from you. It’s so impressive you are being read in so many places. Thank you so much for stopping by my site. Blessings, Paulette

    • WM

      Hi, Paulette. I am impressed by information about your lineage. I am glad to meet you as well. I hope we can exchange our ideas of human rights and duties.


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