Mała galeria / The Small Gallery

Możesz obejrzeć małe portrety moich ulubionych pisarzy. Jaka jest przyszłość znaczków pocztowych?

You can see here a small portraits of my favorite writers. What is the future of the Postage Stamps?

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6 responses to “Mała galeria / The Small Gallery

  1. You ask a very good question. What will happen to our stamps? Stamps have always been a way that a nation can honour someone who has given so much to their country.

  2. WM

    I have just read the report of using postage stamps in one of Poland cities and I am optimistic and confident in theirs future! What about the other cities and countries? Anyhow in electronic space we can find places to honour someone and something.

  3. I am still collecting, that is keeping, not thowing away the stamps..But so few letters now.

    • WM

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I have just visited your own blog, too. Good job! I saw you „Norway Gallery” consists of 118 photos and I am very glad. Nice to see beautiful country and so merry people. Greetings from Poland.

  4. I love stamps! and I am also happy you have to Czech(oslovak) stamps on your list :-).

  5. WM

    I thank you for visiting my blog, Katy! I like Czech so much, first of all its beautiful capital and literature, too. I admire Havel for his an unbending attitude and creativity. I like so much Jaroslav Hašek, Bohumil Hrabal and the other contemporary writers. Best wishes to you, Katy. I am going to visit your blog 🙂


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