To My English Readers

I am sendig a short information about me and my job to English speaking Guests following my blog.

Attention, please! My English is often helpless and hopless: I beg your pardon…

I am a chief of a  small literary museum in a little town Kazimierz Dolny in Poland and a journalist too.

Lonely Planet writes about Kazimierz Dolny as Lilliputian land”! I like it.

“Kazimierz Dolny has various assets: it’s picturesquely situated on the banks of the Vistula, it’s surrounded by dense green countryside, it’s tightly packed with historical buildings and it boasts bread in the shape of roosters. The buildings in this Lilliputian land are so charming that they appear to have survived the tides of history untarnished. In truth, the town suffered greatly at the hands of various aggressors, but has now revived into a fashionable weekend destination for people seeking respite from the city.”

And what about literary museum” Maria and Jerzy Kuncewicz House” called “A Squirrel Residence”? I am going to create a new English page on my blog very soon. Now I want to explain that Maria Kuncewicz (1895–1989) is a famous Polish writress having 2 nominations for the Nobel Prize while Jerzy Kuncewicz  (1893–1984) is a writer too but first of all very good and brave barrister and a politician.


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